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Folding Wing Disk Harrow 4250 Series is good for use with tractors in the 304 – 542hp range. 

  • Both rigid and folding models are designed to give excellent uniform tillage in all stubble plowing situations.

  • Mainframe and gang carriers constructed of high strength tubular steel that is welded for maximum strength and durability.

  • Hydraulically controlled transport assembly with cylinder transport locks to spin the wheels in a raised position to safeguard implement from accidentally falling during transport.

  • Transport position allows approximately 12” (305mm) ground clearance.

  • Adjustable gang angles of 18°, 20°, and 22° for both front and rear gangs.

  • Equipped with Timken dual tapered roller bearings.

  • Up to 462lbs (210kg) of weight per disk blade depending on the model with an average of 444lbs (201kg).

  • Up to 11” (279mm) maximum depth of penetration with standard 32” (813mm) diameter disk blades.


12” (305mm) disk spacing; 2-1/8” (54mm) round axles; Equipped with Timken dual tapered roller bearings.

Standard Equipment
  • 32” (813mm) diameter x 3/8” (10mm) thick, cutout (notched) shallow concavity disk blades.

  • Heat-treated alloy steel gang axles.

  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel spacer spools.

  • Bearing wear plates.

  • Furrow filler disk group.

  • Adjustable disk blade scrapers.

  • Wheel hubs with 2 tapered roller bearings on each hub that are dust and moisture protected.

  • New industrial tires – 4 each. 4250-35 and 4250-49-WF: 12.5L x 15. 4250-53-WF: 16.5L x 16.1.

  • Hardened pins and bushings.

  • The hydraulic control group includes cylinders, hose holders, and hoses with fittings to reach the rear of the tractor.

  • Cylinder rod stops.

  • Drawbar jack stand and safety chain.

Optional Equipment
  • 32” (813mm) diameter x 3/8” (10mm) thick; dura-faced cutout (notched) shallow concavity disk blades.

  • Heavy-duty bearing wear plates.

  • Rear hitch assembly.

  • Rear hitch hydraulic group.

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