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Fire Lane Disc – FLS Series is good for use with tractors equipped with CAR II, Three Point Hitch.

  • The heavy-duty disk is designed to give excellent plowing results in the difficult applications of fire lane plowing and maintenance

  • Mainframe and gang carriers constructed of tough 6″ x 4″ x 3/8″ boxed angle steel for superior torsional toughness and welded for maximum strength and durability

  • Up to 8 inches depth penetration with standard 26″ x 5/16″ diameter, cutout, shallow concavity, boron disk blades with RC 48-52

  • Boxed angle standards allow the use of up to a 28″ x 5/16 diameter, shallow concavity disk blade

  • All harrows are equipped with reliable, heavy-duty, dual tapered, oil bath, 11-inch gang roller bearings

  • Extra heavy-duty wear plates with T-1 formed overlay help protect the bearing housing from the wear caused by abrasive soils, extending their service life and decreasing costs


1″ Disc Spacing, 1-5/8″ Round – High Strength Steel Axles; Equipped with Dual Tapered Oil Bath Roller Bearings

Standard Equipment
  • Uses dour (4), four (4) disk gangs or Optional two (2) eight (8) disk gangs – Models FLS-14 is set-up with two (2) seven (7) disk gangs

  • Category II, Three Point Hitch – Quick Hitch compatible

  • 26″ x 5/16″ cutout, shallow concavity disk blades

  • Cast iron spacer spools

  • Angle adjustments of 14, 16 and 18 degrees with combined angle adjustments of 28, 32 and 36 degrees

  • Dual tapered oil bath bearings

  • Equipped with the Rome BW-520F and BW-520R full blade, adjustable, scraper assembly

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