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Scraper RP-212HDE Series is good for use with tractors in the 375 – 600 hp range. 

  • Rugged 23 yd³ (17.6m³) scraper with heavy-duty plate frame construction for maximum strength and rigidity.

  • Rear cross member made from 10” (254mm) x 10” (254mm) x 3/4” (20mm) thick fabricated box section steel.

  • Spreader bar made from 14” (357mm) x 14” (357mm) x 3/4” (20mm) thick fabricated box section steel.

  • 3-1/2” (89mm) thick floor protects against pan deflection from heavy material loads and floor wear from abrasion.

  • Tandem hitch capability.

  • “Slip-in” bolted spindle and hub assembly.

  • Highest quality hydraulic cylinders have ball joints on both base and rod ends for long life.

  • Push block protects the scraper rear when push loading is necessary for tough loading conditions.

  • The main cutting edge is a multi-piece design making it easy to change a single section of the blade.

  • The ejector is supported with six rollers that are built with wheel hub style components for easy maintenance and maximum life.

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