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Construction Equipment by Rome Plow

To make a statement of quality in the agricultural arena is one thing. But as the most durable, it is an even larger feat to be recognizable in the construction industry. As a matter of fact, Rome Plow Construction has made that statement! 

Traveling to the underdeveloped countries; for example, many parts of Africa; you will soon discover one or many of Rome’s equipment present at a site location. 

Rome Plow has products to fit the industry
  • Firstly, High-grade bearings

  • Secondly, High-grade steel 

  • Thirdly, Fabrication standards

  • Lastly, options to fit customers needs

Line up of construction equipment
  • Ejector Scraper 

  • Pivot Dump Scraper

  • Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper

  • Earthmoving Scraper

  • Ejector Finishing Scraper

  • Pivot Dump Carry-All Scraper

  • Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper

  • Motor Grader Slopers

  • WCO Culvert Hog

  • KG Blade

  • MA Rake

  • RV Blade

Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper.webp
Pivot Dump Carry All Scraper.webp
Earthmoving Scraper.webp
Ejector Finishing Scraper.webp
Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper.webp
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