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Construction Equipment by Rome Plow

It is one thing to make a statement of quality in the agricultural arena. However, it is an even larger feat to be recognizable in the construction industry. In fact, Rome Plow Construction has made that statement! 

Traveling to underdeveloped countries, including many parts of Africa, you will soon discover one or many of Rome’s equipment present at a site location. 

Rome Plow has products to fit the industry

  • High-grade bearings

  • High-grade steel 

  • Fabrication standards

  • Options to fit customers' needs

Lineup of construction equipment

  • Ejector Scraper 

  • Pivot Dump Scraper

  • Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper

  • Earthmoving Scraper

  • Ejector Finishing Scraper

  • Pivot Dump Carry-All Scraper

  • Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper

  • Motor Grader Slopers

  • WCO Culvert Hog

  • KG Blade

  • MA Rake

  • RV Blade

Heavy Duty Ejector Scraper.webp
Pivot Dump Carry All Scraper.webp
Earthmoving Scraper.webp
Ejector Finishing Scraper.webp
Pivot Dump Fixed Blade Scraper.webp
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