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Fertilizer Spreaders by Unverferth Manufacturing

The Unverferth Pro-Force lineup of dry fertilizer, compost, poultry litter, and cover crop spreaders feature operator-friendly innovations, top-of-the-line performance, heavy-duty components and can spread up to four products at the same time with variable rate control. These features make the Pro-Force spreader the ideal match for commercial applicators, professional producers, and growers of all sizes. There are no competitors to this line-up.

Chassis Mounted Models 

  • Models 2050, 1850, 1650, 1450, and 1350 feature 645, 580, 515, 450, and 415 cubic-foot hopper capacities with 12″ sideboards

  • Rubber-cushioned mounting provides a smooth ride and lift-lugs permits quick installation and removal

  • Model 1250 can be mounted to a row-crop sprayer chassis and features a 270 cubic-foot hopper

  • Chassis-mount options include

    • 4″ and 12″ sideboards for model 1250 provide hopper capacities of 300 and 385 cubic feet

    • A hydraulic gear pump is available for mounting to a chassis that does not have a hydraulic system

    • Oil cooler system can be mounted to a chassis that is not equipped

    • Front and read mud flaps provide added hopper protection; add an optional handrail for easier viewing of contents

    • An optional hydraulic unloader valve and hydraulic tank shutoff valve are available for the chassis without one

Pull-Type Models

  • Models 2650, 2250, 1850, and 1450 feature 840, 710, 580, and 450 cubic-foot capacity hoppers with 12″ sideboards.

  • Raven RCM ISOBUS rate controller allows the operator to use the tractor’s virtual terminal screen (an on/off master footswitch is used in conjunction with the ISOBUS rate control system)

  • Features a single adjustable axle design and a category 4 BUll-Pull hitch that accommodates 2″ and 1.5″ hitch pins

  • Transport chain, lighting, and reflective striping ensure safer road transport

  • The side-mounted ladder allows the operator to easily check the hopper contents

  • Choose from high-floatation IF900/65 R32 single wheels and tires, 480/80 R46 or 380/90 R46 row-crop duals wheels and tires, or 36″ x 112″ tracks for models 1850 and larger

Features and Product Offering

  • Fast and Consistent – it can spread lime, fertilizer, and cover crops

  • Application of up to four products 

  • Row crop chassis spreaders

  • Tri-Force spreaders

  • Quad-Force spreaders

  • Full line of conveyors (lime belts) available

  • Live body truck body 

  • Pull type spreaders 

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