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Series PG Pulled Grader - for use with tractors in the 70 – 200 hp plus range.


  • Used to economically dress road shoulders; construct and maintain ditches, haul and field roads, terraces, and levees.

  • Laser adaptable to allow contractors to finish grade to exact specifications and farmers to precision level fields.

  • ROME sloper blade, heavy duty 3/4” (19mm) thick high-strength steel with replaceable cutting edges and end bits.

  • Operator has hydraulic control of blade angle, blade tilt, and transport wheels from the tractor seat.

  • Hydraulically operated 45° blade angle front to rear or left to right, 18° blade tilt up and down.

  • Walking beam transport group with dual wheels.

  • Weight box allows extra weight to be added if desired.


*Engine horsepower is suggested ranges and varies according to soil conditions and weight added to the scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. One rear tractor hydraulic circuit required for scraper operation. Additional hydraulic circuits required for tilt option and each attachment.

Standart Equipment

Optional Equipment



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