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Series RALSE Finishing Ejector Scraper - for use with tractors in the 200 – 300 hp range.


  • The computer-aided design increases efficiency as well as performance.

  • Designed for agricultural earthmoving and land forming, precision laser, and GPS leveling.

  • Optisurface compatible.

  • Excellent tool for farm leveling.

  • Smooth and maintain access roads.

  • Build stock ponds.

  • Rework washed-out terraces.

  • Rigid welded box beam construction withstands the toughest operating conditions; it also assures the highest degree of leveling accuracy.

  • Dual-purpose hydraulics control the transport unit and the depth of cut.

  • Hydraulics adapt to laser/GPS control.

  • The walking beam axle provides stability to the scraper when operating at higher speeds.


*Engine horsepower is suggested ranges and varies according to soil conditions and weight added to the scraper.
NOTE: This scraper requires hydraulic control. One rear tractor hydraulic circuit required for scraper operation. Additional hydraulic circuits required for tilt option and each attachment.

Standart Equipment

Optional Equipment



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